Faucets and sinks


Service Overview

We face different minor and major malfunctions everyday. Not everyone can fix it all on their own, some professional help is needed. JohnnyGo provides with a wide range of home maintenance to help people make their lives easier. Our experts know all the details and can offer you the following options:
JohnnyGo experts will replace broken tiles, install new shower doors, do attic insulation, mold preventions, do garage door opener installation, garage floor coating, deck and fence maintenance, gutter maintenance and many other.


Bathroom maintenance
$4.00 – $21.00 per hour;
Attic maintenance
$3.09 – $15.00 per hour;
Garage maintenance
$2.15 – $5.41 per hour;
Kitchen maintenance
$2.18 – $4.11 per hour;
Outdoor home maintenance
$4.18 – $6.25 per hour.

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