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Service Overview

We have experience in painting any surface from new constructions to cabinets in commercial properties. If you are doing your residence makeover and want to renew the color of walls or facade, we have great experts who work carefully and are highly talented painters. Our experts have developed their skills while working on retail stores, schools, apartment complexes, private residences and offices.
When it comes to exterior painting we at JohnnyGo use high-class 100% acrylic latex on the body and trim from a manufacturer that only sells paint. Before painting we always power wash to clean the house. It’s very important as it ensures good adhesion, removes loose paint, and applies a prime coat to any raw wood.


Interior Painting
$4.16 per square feet;
House Power Washing
$1.42 per square feet;
Exterior Painting
$2.45 per square feet;
Deck Painting
$3.11 per square feet.

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